Registration to phyiscally walk with us is closed, but we invite everyone to join us on the very first day (June 1) in Louisville and/or the very last day (June 15) in St. Louis.


You can also register as a “virtual walker” of the PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World. By registering here, you make these commitments:

  • I commit to building inclusive and supportive community while participating in the PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World, participating in worship and teach-ins, and praying for the other virtual walkers and walkers.
  • I commit to doing something each day in solidarity with the walkers, such as walking a certain amount of steps or praying for ten minutes for those affected by climate change. My personal daily commitment is: _____________________________________________________________________.
  • I commit to preparing myself physically, spiritually, and mentally for this Walk through physical preparation, prayer, and self-care so that I can love creation with each step we take together, whether virtually or in person.
  • I commit to fundraising $500 -$1000 for the Walk for the cost of food, medical supplies, permits, travel scholarships, and other associated expenses.
  • I commit to telling the story of the Walk and the movements for climate justice with my communities (online, church, friends, family) before, during, and after the Walk. I also commit to telling the story at General Assembly if and as I am able.
  • I commit to the goals of the PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World:
    • To encourage the PC(USA) 223rd General Assembly to divest from fossil fuels so that we no longer profit from the exploitation of the Earth and the most vulnerable communities
    • To uplift, learn from, support, and create communities of resilience and resistance in response to climate change
    • To reduce our carbon footprint as we travel to the PC(USA) General Assembly in St. Louis


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