PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World

It’s time for the denomination to put its money where its faith is. The PC(USA) must join the divestment movement that has already taken trillions of dollars out of the fossil fuel industry.

By doing so, the denomination will no longer  profit from an industry that has contributed to climate change. Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, drought in California, rising sea levels along the global coasts — natural disasters exacerbated by climate change which affect Presbyterians and all creation.


Why are you walking from Louisville to St. Louis?

Our faith calls us to love God, creation, and neighbor with our whole selves, and June 1-16, 2018 we will love creation with each step we take. Our walk will take us from Louisville, Kentucky (the headquarters of the Presbyterian Church [USA]) to St. Louis, Missouri, in time for the PC(USA)’s 223rd General Assembly.

The walk will ask members and friends of the PCUSA to put their bodies on a journey for environmental justice– and to call on the PCUSA divest from the fossil fuel industry. We’re taking the dramatic action of walking 260 miles because the effects of climate change on our world and its people are dramatic.

What will the walk be like?

Each night of the walk will include teach-ins and worship centering the stories and experiences of people on the front lines of climate change. We will be in touch with churches along our route to interact with them along the way.

Can I walk with you?

Yes! We welcome Presbyterians and non-Presbyterians to join us. Registration is now open, so sign up and we’ll be in touch. Make sure you mark “going” on the Facebook event too! Everyone is invited and welcome to join us for the last mile in St. Louis — you do not need to register for it.

I want to walk with you for a part of the way, but not the whole 260 miles.

We’d be very happy to have you join us for a leg of the walk that is possible for you. We will do our best to accommodate your availability, though limited transportation support will be available between Louisville and St. Louis.

When you register, you can indicate which days of the walk you want to participate in. Make sure you mark “going” on the Facebook event too!

Everyone is invited and welcome to join us for the last mile in St. Louis — you do not need to register for it.

I’d like my organization to support this effort.

Wonderful! Please use the contact form to get in touch about endorsing or sponsoring the walk.

What about the cost?

We estimate that this important and historic effort will cost about $50,000 to pull off. Just like the walk itself, our fundraising efforts will be largely made up of people in the grassroots—from people like you who believe it’s time for bold action to save our planet. Make a donation or get in touch about becoming a sponsor.

I have another question. How can I get in touch?

Email us here.